Graduated from High School (or equivalent), whether from local or abroad, schools, no longer than five years before the administration date.


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The Bachelor of Science in Business (Accounting - CPA Track) and Master of Science in Certified Public Accounting dual degree program provides you with the opportunity to.

An academic adviser who will guide and help you achieve your educational and career goals.

MS in Accounting. Find the Right Fit for You. minor.


MS in Accounting. 3518 Email elearning@umn. edu.

Economics major on the Policy track). MS in Data Analytics & Business Computing.



And most programs allocate a certain number of electives for students to freely choose what they want to explore. .

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Transfer Students.
Choosing a course of study and deciding on future career goals are two of the.
NYU Stern Undergraduate College.


In Sternʼs case, 44 credits have to be electives, and at least 20 of those have to be taken at a school besides Stern.

Here’s a comprehensive explanation of how majors work at NYU, from double-majoring in Film and Television and Psychology to general and elective credits. Explore Stern’s broad portfolio of academic programs, from undergraduate to graduate programs and executive education. Stern also does concentrations, which are different from majors.

id Whatsapp(Message Only)0822-9797-2011. An International Student at NYU. Degree Organization Stern, Tisch, and the many other schools at NYU offer a range of majors and minors, with certain majors and minors having “tracks” to choose from (e. Please note: B. Under the “Required Courses” tab: Design I and Design II must be taken before Design. This page is a resource for Other NYU Students or NYU Students Outside of Stern Undergraduate College interested in Stern Undergraduate coursework, programs, or.


See what makes NYU Stern. .

A minor is typically 3-5 classes while a major is usually 8-10 classes.

From there, Stern requires a minimum number of non-Stern elective credits to be taken at the other NYU schools which you could use towards getting the minor in architecture and urban design at CAS.

Please select a school for details.