Well, once you find an ESC with a SimonK Bootloader, your work is basically done, and programming should be a breeze if you use the right GUI software.


Flashing SimonK Firmware on a 20 amp HK esc. However, SimonK firmware is designed for.

is there an easy way to change this? i was originally planing to flash the new firmware via my FC but that seems like its out of the question because of the SimonK.

Video of how I flash my HK F20A ESC's with the SimonK firmware using the flash tool specially designed for Atmega chips.

Necesitaremos un programador llamado ( USBasp AVR) y también el adaptador (Atmel Atmega Socket tool) con esta herramienta es muy fácil programarlo solo se tiene que tener el código simonk en la pc. I show here how I flash SimonK firmware onto my blue Hobbyking 30A UBEC ESC for my multicopter. I show here how I flash SimonK firmware onto my blue Hobbyking 30A UBEC ESC for my multicopter.

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Try it free. . This video covers how to flash reversible SimonK firmware on to any compatible ESC.

12A ESCs are Great for mini quadcopters and spider hexacopters. Here are the links I use in the videoRC Groups Sim.


This handy USB programming tool allows you to quickly and easily update the firmware of your ESC by connecting directly to the ESC's signal wire and then to the USB port of your PC.

0 flight controller board, there doesn’t seem to be many options when it comes to using the Arduino as programmer. .

. How to flash a Hobbyking F-30A ESC with SimonK Firmware.

I changed the lines 188 to high, and 189 to low so that I can run the motor in both directions.
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Hi to all, in this video you can see how to flash SimonK firmware to esc based on Atmega 8A chip 30 Amps like this esc XXD HW30A.

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In the video, I'm using a HobbyKing F-60A, but any ESC with an ATmega-8. . . Right click "My Computer", then click "Properties" (You can go through Control Panel also. Push enough to seat the programmer but not hard. Stands to reason that existing ESC can be flashed with this firmware also.

A walk through video showing how to flash ESC with SimonK using Arduino UNO and homemade Flasher Socket.

This is specially designed firmware for ESCs that greatly improves performance for multi-copter use. .




The microcontroller must be flashed with a special tool that connects directly to the microcontroller pins.