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. Overall, it’s an enjoyable experience with fantastic artwork, and quite the.

opening the drawers in this pattern will give you a magnet.

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Could have done with clearer sound clues and I had to shrink my screen to access the inventory. Joining us is free, fast and simple and as a member you get. ago.

7: On the cracked pot.

Oct 3, 2022 · It took me 1 hour and 33 minutes to beat, no walkthrough. spoilers below: to get the star out of the tube, use the magnet. TRACE is a puzzle escape game where you find yourself trapped in a strange place.

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Reply. O Shorter but more challenging than Trace in my opinion! Many of the.

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NOTE: When you're solving a puzzle, this jingle tells you that you've successfully solved it.
You'll need to turn it two full rounds before you can hear a jingle.

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This is a full walkthrough of Trace.

. This is a full walkthrough of Trace. February 24, 2023 Be Lucky.

. Do not know why it's getting downvoted in webgames sub. Escape players, here we go with another game from Colorbomb made with MS paint. press the "climb" button and view the code on the lamp. .

Trace is a web-based point and click escape adventure game by Colorbomb.

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Video originally made by CerKill.

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Trace Full Walkthrough.